Mosaic Art for Installation

quilting together a backsplash of your favorite pieces and leftovers

add a personal touch to your tile job

a beautiful bench made with glass mosaics and topped with bluestone

where would life be without whimsy

Aspen Essence, pick your season, or I can gradually blend from one season to the next
these examples are 4"x6"
they would look great as an accent strip around wainscot,
the back of a wood stove,
or wherever you choose to bring the aspens indoors

these seashells would look great set with tile or natural stone
these examples are 12"x6"

this table is 2 feet in diameter
it would also look great set in the floor 

the Ents are watching
these ceramic ents are available in different glazes and can also be part of a longer tree
use as here, behind a woodstove, or guards for your door,
or even company in the kitchen

shared outer electron/or the 4 elements, fire, earth, water and air
used here as a skylight liner
it might look great as a border of floors

scarab beetles

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